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Going Home- Digital paintings of the Amish Country

I enjoy history so when I heard that there were Amish farms not far from where I grew up I was eager to go see what was there. Charm, Ohio is a very small town about 2 hours northeast from Columbus, Ohio. The farms in this area are beautifully kept and it is a very restful journey. I admire these people for their values and staying true to their beliefs in today's world. I know that I am not to photograph them and I only do so from a far distance and more often from behind. They represent something to me that I want to capture and preserve so others can also admire and enjoy them.
The book 'Going Home' is a collection of digital paintings I have been working over the past two to three years. Reprints of this soft cover book as well as individual prints may be ordered by e-mail.
Going Home book….. $20.00
Individual prints from this book
Digital Paintings on Paper                  Digital Paintings on Canvas
8 X 10….$150                                    8 X 10….$225
16 X 20…$350                                   16 X 20…$425
For larger sizes please e-mail.
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