SAN JOSE, CA, 95129

Digital Painting

I have always loved photography. There is nothing better than a great photo whether a black or white or a color print. But I also love the tactile feeling that I get from seeing a print on handmade paper. With this idea in mind I started out trying to see what else I could do with a photograph. After various attempts I am now using the computer to help transfer a photo onto various media including hand made papers. I use Photoshop to start working on a project to get correct cropping, coloring and various other effects that will make a good painting. Then I use Painter software to do the actual painting, one stroke at a time.
Just like any artist and I make many revisions and often revise a painting several times before it is completed. I then use my printer to finish the project, often printing on different kinds of media or handmade papers to get the effect that I want.