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Hanga, Japanese Woodblock Printing

In the early 1970 I was living in Tokyo, Japan, where I studied Woodblock printing from Toshi Yoshida. His father, Hiroshi, was a trained oil painter who traveled to America to sell his paintings. He also took a few woodblock prints with him. His prints sold immediately and he returned home and put all his efforts exclusively into woodblock printing.

I studied at the Yosida Hanga Academy where there were also students from other foreign countries. I was able to learn the traditional methods of Woodblock printing as well some modern techniques that I am use in my
final printings. I worked at the Hanga Academy all day long for the same price that other studios were charging for only one hour of study. Mr Yoshida employed two full time printers to complete his designs and often they would reprint from the blocks that his father created. After studying for a year I was asked to work for him carving and printing some of his designs. I am honored to say that I carved the woodblocks for some of the Toshi's prints that are currently available.