SAN JOSE, CA, 95129

Gravity Series

I am a photographer and for many years I have been a part of the sport of Synchronized Swimming. As a former National Champion I now coach at Santa Clara and spend many hours at the pool watching the practices of some of the best athletes in the world. I was also able to be part of the 2004 Olympic team as their Manager in Athens, Greece. In this series I wanted to use these swimmers in a way that showed their sense of design and form with their bodies. The use of form is paramount in this sport and has become an everyday language for these top swimmers.
The floating world of the swimming pool is the closest earthly connection to our lack of gravity. My intent in this series was to show the line and form that athletes use in the sport of synchronized swimming. As this project progressed it became more than just photographs of shapes. It started to take on an emotional intimacy between the man and the woman.